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Audrey Johnson Music Composer

Audrey Johnson

Audrey's musical upbringing centred around Classical music. She learnt to play violin and piano from a young age, and is self-taught in a number of instruments including guitar and the pipa, a Chinese lute. This early musical interest lead to a music degree with a final year major in composition and she has forged a career as a freelance musician since graduating.

Writing music for media began as an idea when she developed a video games obsession at university (with only 6 hours of lectures a week, she needed to find new ways to fill them...although this probably wasn't what her lecturers had in mind). Filling her days with games like Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and Ico, she realised how crucial music was in story driven games which sparked her interest in game audio.

Audrey also writes music for her own personal projects and composition competitions, mostly orchestral and chorale works (she was a semi-finalist in the Walter Hussey chorale competition 2018). While she enjoys recording and writing for acoustic instruments and traditional ensembles, she also likes to get creative using a mix of acoustic instruments and hardware to create more ambient and other worldy sounds.

She keeps up her musical playing talents as a violinist in the Warwickshire Symphony Orchestra, who often play with Classic FM favourites including concert pianist Peter Donohoe.

James Andrews Music Composer

James Andrews

James’ background in music started from playing guitar at a young age, he then moved on to computer based electronic music production and from there discovered sampling (recording sounds from anywhere and everywhere to use to make music). Since completing his education in music, he has spent many years honing his skills in recording, producing and sound design.

A self-confessed music technology geek, James likes to experiment with music gear both old and new. These include samplers, synthesisers, modular synthesis, music software, drum machines, FX pedals and anything that makes a sound, records a sound or affects a sound.

James’ personal music projects centre around sampling sound, guitars and synthesis, inspired by styles such as hiphop, electronic, soundtrack and ambient music. There is also a strong sense of sound design throughout James’ music, where every sound has been crafted or discovered by experimentation.

He writes music with a strong visual sense, often with a subconscious effort of creating an imaginary world or place depicted by sound, focusing on an emotional journey and flow of energy. This makes James’ work as an artist ideally placed within music for video games, tv and film.

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